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The Number One Community for tenants, co-funded by the Crowd

The idea: Bring people together with such a vitally important matter as the famous roof over their heads and make sure clearing up the anonymity of the city step by step. Users can exchange experience and help each other through insider knowledge in decision making. For anyone who has previously chosen to live with a small flaw, avoiding the hassles afterwards.

Run time: 05.04-05.05.2016 // Funding goal: 25.000 Euro

Our mission: We want to avoid sudden surprises afterwards and produce the best possible match between tenant and landlord. Our vision is to get almost each object of approximately 20 million apartments rated.

Our self-stated goal for 2016: Collecting 25.000 new reviews. For this we need you and the entire tenant community. The more tenants rate their landlords at MeineBleibe.com, the greater the chance for home seekers to inform themselves of the circumstances before a real estate visitation and to avoid problems afterwards.

No bad surprises anymore! Feel save through transparency!

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MeineBleibe.com belong to the fastest growing Share Economy startups in German-speaking Europe's. We are targeting to create more transparency within the German housing market. It is a huge advantage for all users who want to evaluate their prospective landlords in order to support potential new tenants regarding their decisions they have to make when they are moving out.