Communication and Transparencyavoids potential inconvenience afterwards

For Landlords

Happy tenant = a happy landlord is a large Tenant Community, which supports potential tenants in their decision to move. Our goal is to provide representative information about the quality of living, surroundings of flats and to match great tenants with the best landlords to make renting better for everybody.

Because what can not be bought with money, are information about noise pollution, neighbors or the current state of the building - information, which, if one has it, can decide whether it constitutes signing a lease or not.

Look previously at If one is certain that the property management is not reliable and that the quality of living is leaving a lot to be desired, you have a big advantage over all those who aren?t familiar with It saves landlords and tenants together valuable time, money and nerves and you can be sure that you will win the best and most responsible tenant.

We believe that a well-managed, happy tenant = a happy landlord.

Official statements

We also encourage you to respond to reviews and to give an opinion on the rating. Thus is provided by competent service and fast communication for greater transparency. The opinion will be then accordingly, visible to everyone, published under the review.

The result is a transparent history for all future tenants, the sum of all postings will generate forward-looking decisions which have a more or less important impact regarding to their lives. own judgment. This aspect guarantees a fast letting in case empty property.