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The Idea

Nowadays it is possible to evaluate everything via Internet ? with the exception of the landlord or property management. A fundamental change begins with


A balmy evening in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Görlitzer Straße. A huge crowd is waiting in front of a house.They smoke and wait to be schown a flat at the 3rd floor which will be vacant in 2 months. Approximately 300 tenants will have to pass this procedure. this is normal already. Not only in Berlin.

Affordable rents are an important subject in germanys large cities, affordable apartmens are a short item, a very short one. More than 80 million people are living in Germany, more than 8 million of them are changing their residencies, every year. A move is expensive.

The germans invest more than 40 billion every year when they move. All costs are included here, furniture, energy. Etc. All those who move are not aware of the factors which will become important after the contracts will have been signed. The association with the landlord, quality of living in the new area, noise annoyance and in which condition is the flat and the house basically.

That is indeed astonishing in a country in which all items can be ordered and rated via internet. With our portal we want to support people and help them to avoid all these issues. Tenants can enter the address of the apartment and figure out whether their request is matching with an existing evaluation.

Tenants can evaluate the landlord, the property management, general state, cleanliness, the proportion regarding to the price and service, atmosphere and location. This allows all potential interested parties to figure out whether this could be a match or not.

A powerful economic factor Statistics behind the 154,9 billion Euro market, of which you haven't heard so far.

Apartment units in Germany

Apartment units in Germany

Rental apartments: 20.211.000
Owner occupied dwellings: 17.091.000
Holiday apartments: 409.000
Vacant units/other: 1.720.000

Rate of property ownership in European countries by comparison:

Germany 43%


France 55%


Great Britain 69%

Great Britain

Spain 86%


Approximately ... 38,7 billion Euro are allocated to expenditures which are related to the logistic sector like furniture, energy and logistics.

5.1 Mio
Households change the place of residence annually within Germany.
9.0 Mio
That correlates 9 million people based on 1,75 persons per household.
154.9 Mrd
The whole annual income comes to 154,9 billion Euro.

by the way... In Singapore is the housing for rent almost entirely unknown.

The idea is simple and brilliant, the realization depends on the amount of users, the more users we have the bigger is the opportunity to find the real match on

In order to avoid any abuse, we have developed a method in order to exclude wrong assessments. We address this to all the german users. Make your contribution without any registration and ensure that our german housing market will become more transparent.

Valuations with Quality

Quality management is an essential item on valuation platforms especially when users are not forced to register themselves. Therefore we have developed assesment criterias. This is necessary when tenants are about to place offensive and personal driven remarks. Illegal or abusive remarks, addressed to employees and executives will be deleted immediately.

Our pros at a glance:

  • Credibility: Let others participate in your experiences
  • The argument: Overcome fears, promote ability to act
  • Emotional condition: Bring the tenant and landlord closer

Certified tenants *optional

In order to avoid any abuse, we have developed an according method. This allows us to verify so called Faked evaluations and distinguish them from serious ones. This guarantees the authenticity because we want to have the focus on a fair and trustful collaboration with a maximum support of our users.

In this respect send us (as a digital size .jpg), a copy of your Passport and lease. Forward the email to After an examination we will register you as a certified user with an according icon.

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