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Better Habitation for students and trainees

Got a new university place or training position and no place to stay?

Major Cities are more and more attracted to young people from everywhere. The costs for flats are exploding unstoppable. But students are now capable of finding an according accomodation. Where? On ? If you want to avoid further inconveniences you should have a look at our database in order to find a reliable landlord because there you will be given all the informations you need considering that.

Students and Trainees don't have that much money. Their opportunities to spend that money for highest rents are limited. That's yesterday's news. It's getting more and more difficult to find an affordable flat ore a shared flat. This is a critical development for all of you who want to saddle down in one of these cities. The question is: where to live without ending up as poor as a church mouse?

So far we don't have terms as we have in London for example where you have to pay more than 1000 ? just for a room and per month. The situation in germany's top and most expensive cities is a bit more moderate. But the average current rates in ? for rooms are increasing, Stuttgart (421), Frankfurt (435) and Munich (545). And one can't see a light at the end of the tunnel. Students in London were demonstrating against these circumstances and stopped their monthly lease payments. Just every 10th student gets a room in a student dorm here in germany.

The top ten most expensive German flat-share-cities:

  1. Munich: 545 Euro
  2. Frankfurt am Main: 435 Euro
  3. Stuttgart: 421 Euro
  4. Konstanz: 419 Euro
  5. Freiburg im Breisgau: 418 Euro
  1. Berlin, Hamburg: 400 Euro
  2. Lörrach: 398 Euro
  3. Freising: 398 Euro
  4. Tübingen: 397 Euro
  5. Heidelberg: 392 Euro

Infografik: So wohnen Deutschlands Studenten | Statista

More statistics can be found at Statista.

To avoid unnecessary anger we recommend you to have a look at You can figure out there utilities which might are not clearly mentioned in an advertisement what refers to a flat or shared flat. Furthermore you will be given a lot of recommendations which have been created by our users and make your own entry in order to support the community of We are convinced that everybody should be able to rent an affordable flat, that is the message of our successful story and business.

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